Grave Restoration

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Grave Restoration

Over time, weathering, erosion, and other natural elements can diminish the appearance and structural integrity of gravestones and monuments. To uphold the memory of departed loved ones and maintain the aesthetics of burial sites, our skilled grave restoration and repair services integrate a range of techniques such as sandblasting, refixing, repointing, and repainting, fine sanding and grinding to restore the plot to it’s original condition.


Grave and Headstone  Restoration

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Custom made headstone


Sandblasting is a process in grave restoration, and when used correctly has no rival, adeptly tackling the accumulated layers of dirt, grime, and pollutants that obscure the beauty of gravestones. Through the controlled application of abrasive materials, this process gently strips away the years, revealing the original texture and detailing of the stone. Sandblasting rejuvenates the appearance of monuments, revealing the original beauty of the headstone, covering stone, or monument.



Over time, gravestones may undergo shifts and dislodgments, compromising their stability and overall appearance. The art of refixing involves carefully reattaching detached elements and repositioning stones to their original alignments. Utilising advanced techniques and durable adhesives, skilled craftsmen restore the monument’s integrity while respecting its historical and sentimental value.

Polished grey granite cover slab and limestone surround


Repointing is a process involving the careful removal and replacement of deteriorated mortar, restoring the structural strength of the monument. This technique not only ensures the preservation of the memorial but also maintains the authenticity of the original design.


The passage of time can fade the vibrancy of painted engravings and inscriptions on gravestones, dimming the commemorative messages they carry. Repainting involves the delicate application of specialised pigments that closely match the original hues, restoring the visual allure of the monument.

Finely sanded limestone surround
Polished rustenburg granite headstone silver lettering

Re-engraving & additional inscriptions

The engraving on a headstone can be the first thing to deteriorate over time. We will re-engrave the lettering on your loved one’s grave so that it can be read clearly, and with additional inscriptions we spend the time it takes to duplicate the existing font style and sizes so that the additional inscription blends in as best possible with the original lettering.

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Grave Restoration FAQs


What does a grave restoration entail?

It involves sandblasting, repointing, refixing, re-engraving and repainting an existing gravestone to restore it to its original state.

How often should a gravestone be restored?

A gravestone may be restored once it falls into disrepair, or the lettering becomes difficult to read.

Is there a headstone restoration service near me?

Yes. Harrison Burnell offers a comprehensive headstone restoration and repair service in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, and Wicklow.